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PFT Top 100: Vincent Jackson and Gerald McCoy in the 50s

Another installment of the PFT Top 100 sees two more Tampa Bay Buccaneers make the list.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two new players on the Pro Football Talk Top 100, as Gerald McCoy and Vincent Jackson's make this week's installment at numbers 60 and 57 respectively. Carl Nicks and Doug Martin made last week's list. That's some good listing there, PFT.

Vincent Jackson actually dropped a couple of spots compared to the NFL's Top 100 list, where he came in as the 52nd player on the list. That doesn't sound too far off the mark, really. Vincent Jackson is a terrific wide receiver and certainly one of the best in the NFL -- but it's hard to find many players ahead of him who are better than him.

Though, on this PFT list, I'd certainly rank him aheda of Roddy White and Percy Harvin and maybe Dez Bryant. Still, that only bumps him up a few spots.

Gerald McCoy jumped up a lot of spots. though. He was ranked 92nd on the players' list and is now ranked 57th on this media list. McCoy was a beast last season and made his first Pro Bowl, and he was the centerpiece of the Bucs' dominant run defense. Interesting note: he's ranked just slightly behind Ndamukong Suh.

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