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Greg Schiano: "Josh Freeman is going to have a big year"

Greg Schiano once again calls Josh Freeman "his quarterback".


One again, Greg Schiano says that Josh Freeman is his quarterback. This time he went on NFL Network to talk about the Buccaneers, reiterating his commitment to Freeman as the team's starting quarterback.

Josh is going to have a big year -Greg Schiano

"I believe in competition, I do, and Mike Glennon is going to be a tremendous quarterback in his time," Schiano said. "But we have a quarterback, it's Josh Freeman and he had a really good spring. I mean a really good spring. I think it's really coming together, being in this system for his second year now and hearing the things over again after being able to study it. I'm really encouraged. I know Mike Sullivan, the offensive coordinator he does a great job, he's encouraged. We're looking forward to big things. You know, Josh is going to have a big year."

Oh, hurray. No Mike Glennon, who as a rookie quarterback hasn't particularly impressed this offseason. Although the starting job was never really in question, Schiano fueled speculation about a quarterback controversy this offseason with a few remarks about competition at the position. It fit his overall philosophy of competition breeding excellence, but he had to know what effect remarks related to any starting quarterback in the NFL have.

There was never a realistic competition, but Schiano's remarks on Freeman and Glennon were kind of maddening. But at least he's been consistent in propping up Freeman as his starting quarterback over the past couple of months. A quarterback controversy once started won't just die down, though, at least not in the national media.

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