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Darrelle Revis Injury: Not practicing yet, but he is running and cutting

Darrelle Revis should be healthy and ready to go this season.


Darrelle Revis' goal continues to be September 8, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the New York Jets at the New Meadowlands Stadium. That's been the goal all along, and the cornerback appears to be progressing steadily. Still, he hasn't participated in any offseason workouts (yet) and hasn't been cleared for Tampa Bay's training camp, which starts in one month.

Revis sounds confident that he'll make the opener, though, and that's what he told the Tampa Bay TImes.

"I'm confident,'' Revis said following the Bucs' OTA workout Tuesday. "I'm cutting. (Bucs trainer Todd Toriscelli) might tell me to slow down a little bit but I'm going full tilt and I'm cutting because I'm feeling good. Cutting and running and doing what I have to do.''

Meanwhile, he's learning in the classroom. The defense won't be the same defense he played in in New York, so understanding all the concepts and demands placed on him will be key.

"I think I'm getting comfortable now,'' Revis said. "I'm in the walk-throughs, I'm in the meeting. The defense is easy. I'm a veteran and some of the things we did in New York, coach Schiano does down here, too. I'm fine with that. I think the biggest thing is making sure I'm 100 percent when I step out there with the guys, my teammates, and we go out there and play some great football.''

All of that was confirmed by Schiano, who told the media today that the cornerback is doing a good job both with his rehab and in the classroom. It sounds like the Buccaneers will have a fully healthy Revis for 16 games this season.

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