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Buccaneers players react to Deacon Jones' passing

The greatest defensive end of all time is gone.

David Maxwell

David "Deacon" Jones, the intimidating defensive end, passed away this morning at the age of 74. The man was a legend: he invented the term "quarterback sack", he invented the head-slap -- which was then outlawed because of him. He registered two years with over 24 sacks, in an era of 14-game seasons. Of course, that's all unofficial: sack statistics weren't kept in those days.

Unfortunately, little footage of his playing days is ever shown. We're left with NFL Films vignettes on the great man's playing days. But that doesn't stop him from being legendary in everyone's eyes, including those of former and present Buccaneers. Warren Sapp said on NFL Network that he patterned his game after Deacon Jones, talking the talk and walking the walk. Plenty of others reacted on Twitter, too.

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