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Have the Buccaneers improved at quarterback?

Give us your opinion.


We have a new series here, where we're going to ask you whether you think the Buccaneers have improved at every position on the roster since last year's opening day roster. First up: quarterback.

2012 Roster: Josh Freeman, Dan Orlovsky

2013 Roster: Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Dan Orlovsky (maybe)

Advantage: 2013

Well, this is going to be quick. Like, really quick. The Buccaneers added a player. A third-round pick. Which means quarterback controversy. Gotta love that, don't you? No, wait you don't. Still, the controversy is there.

Is Mike Glennon going to start this year? The answer there would be no. As much as I like Glennon, and I do, he hasn't looked good in training camp. That's perfectly understandable given that he's a rookie,

But besides the addition of Glennon, there's another reason to believe the position may be better this year: Josh Freeman should be improved in his second year in the same offense. That offense struggled at times last season, in part because the quarterback and receivers really didn't know it yet. It's a complicated offense, and it takes time to digest. So far the reports on Freeman have been all positive this training camp -- but we'll have to see it in the preseason.

So what do you think? Did the Bucs improve at quarterback this offseason?

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