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Simeon Rice and Tiki Barber chime in while Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan continue sparring

And the feud gets sillier.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Warren Sapp does not like Michael Strahan. He really doesn't. I'm not sure why -- maybe that whole Brett Favre gifting him his final sack in his record-setting season has something to do with it. I don't know, but the man has been going off on Strahan for a week now. And he did it again, reiterating that Strahan is overrated because he played against right tackles on NFL Network. There might be some truth to that -- but I honestly don't care.

Meanwhile, other people have started chiming in. Like, say, Tiki Barber, who called Sapp an idiot according to the New York Post. But then Simeon Rice defended Sapp on the Booger and Rich show on 98.7 The Fan. At least he was a little respectful of Strahan's considerable accomplishment.

Oh, and where would we be without Strahan's contribution:

This is getting silly.

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