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Aaron Hernandez is not a Buccaneer appreciation thread

Jim Rogash

I'm not usually one to care much about a player's off-field behavior. But in the case of Aaron Hernandez, I would make an exception. The man was just arrested after a bunch of drama revolving around a murder case in which he was possibly involved. It doesn't look good for the star tight end. You can follow SB Nation's story stream for all the latest news in the case.

Will the Bucs pick him up off waivers? No shot. They've been talking about the Buccaneer way, community work and more of that good stuff for years now. Hernandez can pass on by and get claimed by the St. Louis Rams or Cincinnati Bengals, instead.

In other news, this likely means the Bucs won't have to face Hernandez when they play the Patriots in week three of the regular season. So, there's that.

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