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Greg Schiano and James Gandolfini Rutgers commercial surfaces

That's a pretty good commercial, right there.

Greg Schiano and the late, great James Gandolfini were acquaintances from Schiano's Rutgers days, and Schiano released a statement of respect when Gandolfini passed away. Rutgers University apparently taped a commercial with Schiano and Gandolfini to promote the program when Schiano had just been hired, and Rutgers has now apparently dug up that commercial.

That commercial was from 2001, according to Fox Sports Florida, which must have been quite a coup for the nothing program that Rutgers was at the time. Greg Schiano would change that with time, but this was clearly the case of a major star teaming up with a minor, minor program.

Just look at how young Schiano looks in that commercial, though. He looks like a tough disciplinarian now, but at the time he just looked like a young guy getting his first shot at coaching. Which, of course, is exactly what he was, I guess.

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