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Gerald McCoy lost 20 pounds this offseason

McCoy hopes losing weight makes him an even better player.


Gerald McCoy ended two years on injured reserve before making it to the Pro Bowl, but it seems last year's performance wasn't good enough for him. The fourth-year defensive tackle hast lost a ridiculous 20 pounds this offseason

"That's a lot," McCoy told the Oklahoman (h/t Sports Talk Florida). "It's just been diet and working. It's taken a lot of focus and dedication."

Every time a player changes his weight, it's a little bit of a concern. It can turn out to be great -- but it can turn into a disaster, too. It's impossible to say right now, but McCoy may lose some playing strength with less weight or he may gain in explosiveness and stamina, making him a more disruptive presence.

Regardless, it's always good to see someone dedicate himself and do everything he can to become a better player.

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