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Josh Freeman praises teammates, expects big things for Buccaneers

Josh Freeman talked about a lot of issues in a surprisingly relaxed radio interview.

Al Messerschmidt

Josh Freeman opened up in an uncharacteristic way yesterday when he appeared on the Ron & Ian show at 620 WDAE. Usually, Freeman is fairly tight-lipped and nondescript in his statements, but he was in a chatty mood yesterday praising a variety of teammates.

Dashon Goldson's love for the game, Danny Noble's special gifts, Luke Stocker's development, Doug Martin's performance, Carl Nicks' bench press, Vincent Jackson's character, Ronde Barber's intelligence -- Freeman had something to say on all of those subjects. And, of course, he talked about his upcoming season, expecting big things but not shying away

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

"It has nothing to do with...a contract year, finding out, oh, is he signed for this? What happened? I know God has got a plan for me, it's all going to work out in the end. If I just give it the best I've got regardless...if I give it the best I've got and the Buccaneers say, "Ah, we don't think he can play for us,' at the end of the year and every other team in the NFL does and I end up wherever I end up doing whatever, I'll be content because I'll know I gave it the best I had.''

I was a little disappointed that the Times then decided to run that quote with the headline that Josh Freeman would be "content" to move on from the Buccaneers. That made it seem like Freeman doesn't care -- and that's not what that quote conveys, at all.

The interview itself is certainly worth listening to, though, and I've embedded it below.

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