What does Bucs Nation think of Greg Schiano?


Hello. I am ak4niner, a die-hard 49er fan. I am going to be posting this over all 32 SBN NFL sites to try to answer a question that I have had for the past year or so.

How do coaches rank among fans?

I’m going to do a little twist on this though. I am not going to set up a ranking system (like I think Harbaugh is #1, blah blah blah), or have you discuss any coaches other than your own. I want to know what the fans of your team think of your coach. After a week or two (timing based off of when I can sneak away to work on this) I am going to look over all 32 fanposts I have made and use the comments to make an “expert” analysis of what fans think of their coach. (Expert meaning I use my 3 synapses to write it, and the monkeys do the editing.)

There are only two things I ask.

One, be honest. I don’t care what direction the posts take us down, but be honest. If you think your coach is the greatest of all time, say so! If you think he doesn’t even deserve to be a dog catcher, then let us know. I am going to try to not let any personal bias creep in when doing the final document.

Two, please only fans of this team comment here. I want to do this ranking based off of each team’s opinion of their own coach. I only ask this so I can save myself time generating the final document. I will filter the comments as necessary.

Thank you for your help in this.

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