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Buccaneers have many Super Bowl rings on their team

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won one Super Bowl, but they have coaches and players from various other Super Bowls.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the biggest coaching staffs in the NFL, and the Tampa Tribune details some of the staff works. It's nothing groundbreaking, but somehow my mind took me to another place: how many of those guys have won Super Bowls before?

The number isn't going to be huge because none of the coaches are holdovers from the 2002 team. Obviously staffs that have recently won Super Bowls are going to have full staffs with Super Bowl rings. Still, the Buccaneers aren't short on rings throughout their organization. A few people in the front office have rings from the Bucs' own Super Bowl squad, including Shelton Quarles and Mark Dominik from the 2002 team. But with Ronde Barber gone, none of the players do.

So who on the team does have rings, and where did they come from? I made a nice little table for the coaches.

Coach Current function Super Bowl function Super Bowl Team Years
Dave Wannstedt Special teams coordinator Defensive coordinator Dallas Cowboys 1992
Tony Oden Defensive backs coach Assistant secondary coach New Orleans Saints 2009
Bill Sheridan Defensive coordinator Linebackers coach New York Giants 2007
Mike Sullivan Offensive coordinator Receivers coach('07)/Quarterbacks coach('10) New York Giants 2007,2010
Earnest Byner Running backs coach Running back('91)/Director of player development('00) Redskins/Ravens 1991/2000
Bryan Cox Pass rush coach Linebacker New England Patriots 2001
Randy Melvin Defensive line coach Defensive line coach New England Patriots 2001

That's a pretty evenly distributed group, with two of them earning two rings. Three rings from the New York Giants, two from the New England Patriots and a few from other individual organizations. Only one of them is an offensive coach, though, which is interesting. But the defensive side seems like a more senior group than that on the offensive side.

Of course, the Buccaneers have a couple of players with Super Bowl rings, too. Two of them to be precise, and both of them won a Super Bowl with the 2009 New Orleans Saints: Carl Nicks and Jonathan Casillas. One of them an All-Pro starter and the other one primarily a special teams player who is in Tampa to fight for a starting job. There's also Dashon Goldson, who was with the 49ers last season but fell just a few plays short of earning a ring.

Update: As pointed out to me in the comments, there's also Tom Crabtree and his 2010 Green Bay ring.

Hopefully after this season, the Bucs will have an organization filled with Super Bowl rings.

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