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Buccaneers Minicamp: Gabe Carimi plays right tackle, Kasey Kahne visits, Bucs add a receiver and more

Day one of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' minicamp concluded today, and we have all the news and notes for you.


The Buccaneers minicamp kicked off today, with Greg Schiano talking to the media afterwards. Nothing much happened, although the Bucs did add one player to their roster. Here's an overview of the most important notes for today:

1. The Bucs sign WR Derek Hagan, according to Pewter Report. who was a third-round pick for the Miami Dolphins in 2006. The 28-year-old receiver has 1,480 career receiving yards on 129 receptions and was with the Oakland Raiders last year. He has almost no experience as a returner, but he has good size and had a good game against the Falcons last year with four catches for 85 yards.

2. No mention of any injuries at all. Which continues a streak of no new injuries for basically the entire offseason. Either that or the Bucs aren't telling anyone, and the reporters aren't seeing any. Revis' rehab continues to progress well, and he's attacking it aggressively to accelerate his rehab.

3. Most of the playbook is installed now. That's what Greg Schiano noted after practice, anyway. That should allow them to focus on getting everything right and improving.

4. Doug Martin looks even better this season. Physically, at least. That's good news given the heights he reached last year. Another season of a good base running game will help the offense tremendously.

5. Gabe Carimi played right tackle. Whether he sticks there remains to be seen, but it's interesting considering the fact that the Bears' coaching staff saw him as a guard only. Carimi can play both for the Bucs.

6. Who will win the returner jobs? Stephen Holder thinks Eric Page has a good shot:

7. Greg Schiano likes Carimi, personally. Does that matter? Not really. Schiano did note that Carimi fits what they do, being a big, physically imposing guy.

8. Dekoda Watson is an elite special teams player. That's what Greg Schiano said, at least. He'll compete at strongside linebacker with Jonathan Casillas. We'll see whether it holds up.

9. Dashon Goldson was in sweatpants and full sleeves, according to a since-deleted tweet by Jenna Laine. What was Goldson doing in such a warm outfit in Tampa weather? Will this burning question ever be answered? And it was hot out there, today:

10. NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne was at practice, today. Kahne also handed Greg Schiano a racing helmet with Buccaneers graphics signed by every Sprint Cup racer. I'm not sure why, but here's a picture courtesy of Jenna Laine, anyway.

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