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Mike Glennon on learning the playbook, spending money and the Bucs quarterbacks

Mike Glennon is preparing for his rookie year, and talked to SB Nation about the transition to college, his spending habits and his familiarity with the Bucs.

Dan Rubenstein had the opportunity to talk with Mike Glennon at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere a few weeks ago -- and talk he did! Check out the interview above, and tote the Bucs Nation shout out.

1. Mike Glennon did not see the pick coming, at all. "At first I wasn't expecting it, I hadn't had much contact with the Bucs throughout the process, so it came as somewhat of a surprise."

2.Glennon praises the offensive line and skill position players, because what rookie is going to trash his teammates?

3. His goal is to learn the playbook, adjust to 12-hour workdays and the speed of the game.

4. All of the quarterbacks reached out to him after the draft, and Glennon knew Ted Larsen (college teammate) and Cody Grimm (both from Fairfax County, Virginia) from before he joined the Buccaneers.

5. The biggest difference between the NC State playbook and the Bucs' playbook is the terminology. "There's some similar concepts, but completely different terminology from what I'm used to. So right now my mind is spinning a little bit trying to learn everything, but I think it's going pretty well."

6. Glennon will do what's the best for the team, and make the most of his reps.

7. He likes Tampa because of the beaches and the bay, but had no comment on strip clubs.

8. Money plan: buy a condo, budget. Boring.

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