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Revis gets no. 24, Barron takes 23; Tampa Bay Buccaneers release rookie numbers

The jersey numbers for the rookies are out.


It's official: Darrelle Revis will wear number 24, while Mark Barron will take number 23. Bad news for everyone who bought a Barron jersey last year, although you could call it a collector's item, I guess. Myron Lewis will now switch from 23 to 31. No, this has no implications for Lewis admittedly rather bleak-looking future with the team.

Meanwhile, all of the rookies in training camp also received their jersey numbers. Cornerback Johnthan Banks will suit up in number 27. Mike Glennon will grab number 8, while DT Akeem Spence will trot out onto the field in number 97. Defensive ends William Gholston and Steven Means will get number 92 and number 96 respectively and finally, running back Mike James will grab number 25.

The rest of the rookies, all of them, also received their numbers but I won't bother listing them here. You can find the rest of the numbers at the Buccaneers' official site.