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Jamarcus Russell would fit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jamarcus Russell still has talent.

Ezra Shaw

It's the offseason. Not much is going on. Which is why I'm going to talk about Jamarcus Russell for a bit. Not much. Apparently the man has lost some weight and is looking for a team where he can sit on the bench and learn, so noted Ian Rapoport on NFL Network. Why not make that team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Russell, after all, fits what they want out of quarterbacks. I mean, aside from the being awful and overweight bit.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers like tall, strong-armed pocket passers. Jamarcus Russell is a tall, strong-armed pocket passer. Sure, he was ridiculously awful at his job in the past. But what do the Bucs have to lose to bring Russell in to see if maybe he has learned from his mistakes? After all, he was drafted mostly because of his physical talent -- and he still has all that physical talent. Every ounce of it, plus another couple of pounds.

At best, you get a talented passer added to the roster who may be able to develop into a useful player down the road. At worst, you lose a little practice time that could have gone to Adam Weber or Dan Orlovsky. Oh no, what a loss. This doesn't require a leap of faith as much as a tiny time investment for a potentially intriguing reward.

Not that this is likely to happen. The Bucs don't like nonsensical media hype. And that is what Russell would bring. It's an intriguing story, after all. Russell isn't eligible for the practice squad anymore, though, so he would take up a valuable roster spot as a third quarterback. If he were to win that job. He won't. But I'd still be intrigued to see him throw the football in a training camp this year.

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