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Donald Penn's weight is not an issue for Buccaneers, per reports

The Buccaneers are satisfied with Donald Penn's weight right now.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Remember when Donald Penn's weight was an issue? You know, like, yesterday. And then Donald Penn got pissed off? Good fun, that. It seems he had good reason to be pissed off, too: the report has now been corrected, more or less. Pewter Report has updated their story noting that Penn met his weight clauses for the 2012 season, but that he missed some prior to 2012. This doesn't necessarily contradict their earlier report, but it does make the implication that Penn is on the hot seat because of his weight pretty sketchy.

Max Luckan of CBS Sports has noted the same thing, and also added that Donald Penn is on schedule to meet his weight clauses this offseason and the Bucs are satisfied with his weight right now. That's good news, and lines up with Penn's own statement that he's in great shape.

Ultimately, none of this really matters (except to Penn's bankroll). Penn's future with the Bucs won't be directly decided by him meeting certain weight targets. It will depend on his play and salary cap number. Penn has been solid the past two years, but he hasn't been great. If the Buccaneers can find a quality replacement at a lower price tag they may pull the trigger on his release after this season, as he has no guaranteed money remaining on his contract. An easy way for Penn to prevent that from happening is to play lights out this season.

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