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Donald Penn responds to weight reports, seems angry

Donald Penn is no longer so fat that he's missing out on weight incentives. But he's an offensive lineman, so he's still pretty overweight.


Donald Penn does not take kindly to being called fat, it seems. The offensive tackle responded to a report that he had missed weight incentives in his contract after Pro Football Talk picked it up. The big man took to Twitter not only to defend his weight, but also his play.

It's more than a little interesting that Penn notes he made weight since at least 2012, which implies that he didn't in 2011. Apparently making weight doesn't mean being in great shape, either - because the shape he's in is great, but it's been a while for Penn.

I can disagree with his defense of his play, too. He may have only given up four sacks, but given the overall scarcity of sacks that's not a great indicator of quality of play. And if you look at the tape it is obvious he didn't play his best football last season.

If Penn is indeed in great shape, he will have plenty of opportunity to show that with his play. Because ultimately, that's what will determine whether he's on the roster in 2014, not his weight.