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NFL Top 100: Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin jump in in the 50s

The Buccaneers now have five players on the NFL Top 100 list.

Scott Cunningham

Another edition of the NFL Top 100 is done, and we have another couple of Tampa Bay Buccaneers make the list. Doug Martin came in at number 57, which is the highest mark a rookie running back has attained in any of the three years the show has been on the air. He was joined by Vincent Jackson, who came on to the list at number 52.

Martin and Jackson are the fourth and fifth Buccaneers to make the Top 100 respectively, with Darrelle Revis making the list at number 67, Gerald McCoy coming in at 92 and Goldson at 97. The only other Buccaneer with a remotely realistic shot to make the list would be Carl Nicks, widely regarded as one of the top two or three offensive guards in the NFL. But he played just seven games last season and was ranked at number 76 last season. A rise seems unlikely, but not impossible.

Half the Doug Martin bit was various Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders complaining that he tore up their defense, gaining over 200 yards from scrimmage against both of those teams. That was a ridiculous two-game stretch, but Martin was the foundation of the entire Bucs' offense this season, gaining nearly 2,000 yards from scrimmage and scoring 12 touchdowns on the season.

Meanwhile, Vincent Jackson's video talked about his vertical ability, which was incredibly impressive. Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud was impressed with him. But the best quote came from Ronde Barber: "He's worth it!" and "You're still worth it, baby!" Jackson didn't come to Tampa for the warm weather alone, after all: he got a five-year, $55.6 million contract -- and so far, he's been worth every penny.

Let's see if Martin and Jackson can repeat the past season, with a few more wins now that the defense has added a few stars, too.

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