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2013 NFL Draft: Buccaneers sign Johnthan Banks to four-year deal

The Buccaneers have all but one of their rookie draft picks under contract.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced the signing of cornerback Johnthan Banks to a four-year contract. All rookies sign four-year deals, per the NFL CBA. Banks participated in all offseason workouts so far without a contract, but has now put pen to paper. This was mostly a formality as there was little room for negotiations under the NFL's rookie salary cap rules.

Over The Cap estimated that Banks would receive a four-year contract worth $4.73 million with a $1.82 million signing bonus. So far, Over The Cap has been pretty accurate in forecasting rookie deals.

Update: Jenna Laine has the contract details, including a fully guaranteed salary in 2013 and 2014.

With Banks signed, the Buccaneers now have all of their drafted rookies under contract, with the exception of third-round quarterback Mike Glennon. Quarterback contracts tend to be a little more complicated than non-quarterback contracts, although that shouldn't be a huge issue with the new CBA. Glennon, too, has participated in all offseason workouts so far.

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