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Darrelle Revis Injury: Buccaneers aim for week one return

Revis is on pace to be ready at least for the start of the season.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are focused on getting Darrelle Revis ready for the start of the season. Whereas the Bucs saw defensive end Adrian Clayborn return back to the field from an ACL injury today, and Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks are expected to return from their injuries in time for training camp, Greg Schiano gave no time table beyond the first week of the season for Darrelle Revis. "All aimed at having him ready at the beginning of the season," Schiano said, "that's the main goal."

The cornerback has progressed steadily and is, as far as we know, still on schedule to play at the start of the season. He has been doing individual work with the Bucs' trainer in Tampa throughout the offseason since his acquisition by Tampa Bay. RIght now he's learning the verbiage, scheme and techniques, as far as he can without actually participating in practice. Of course, this means that he may miss training camp and even the preseason, and that could be a hindrance both to the Bucs' installation of the scheme, which is expected to revolve around Revis' skills, and in getting Revis ready to play.

The Buccaneers appear comfortable with Revis, though. Dominik noted that part of the reason why they were comfortable in acquiring him was their knowledge of Revis in an interview with NFL Network as part of their feature on Revis, part of which you can watch here. "I think it's the makeup of the man," Dominik said. "Knowing how hard he works at everything he does. He's going to give everything he can to be better than he was."

One interesting fact revealed by Mark Dominik to NFL Network's Andrea Kremer: the Buccaneers started thinking of acquiring Revis when he tore his ACL in week three of the 2012 NFL season. "I actually went into director of player personnel Dennis Hickey's office and I said 'That could be a reason why he could leave the Jets'," Mark Dominik told Kremer. "I knew what his contract situation was. So when he hurt his knee, I thought that's going to be an out possibility."

The plan to acquire Revis was a long time coming. Now we get to see if it pays off.

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