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Greg Schiano says the Buccaneers are Josh Freeman's team

Schiano talked about Josh Freeman, but somehow blamed the media for him making his comments.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

In his press conference today, Greg Schiano refuted reports that he was looking to replace Josh Freeman. "We have our starting quarterback and it's Josh Freeman. I'm not looking to find a new one." Instead, Schiano framed his comments on the quarterback competition as simply part of his vision of a football team.

"Our whole program is: there's going to be competition. Now we haven't always been able to have it because you can only get so many guys on your roster, but that's what we believe in." With Mike Glennon, then, that competition at the quarterback position has finally arrived -- an indictment of Dan Orlovsky as much as it is a reflection of Glennon's qualities. "I do like to have quality depth at every position. And when you get that, just naturally - these are the most competitive guys on the planet, and it raises everybody's level."

Throughout, Schiano never waivered from his position on Freeman, who he said had a command and presence about him at OTAs. "I believe in competition, but I also believe that Josh Freeman is our starting quarterback." When asked about the impression that Josh Freeman isn't his guy, Schiano responded "that's inaccurate."

A bit of a weak bid on Schiano's part was passing this off as the media just making things up. There's some truth to that, but Schiano can't act as if what he said didn't fuel that speculation. Schiano isn't new to the media, and he knows how comments on quarterbacks blow up. He learned that when he talked about wanting more competition at quarterback in January, and should have learned it again when Dominik said that Glennon would get most of the reps in preseason last week. He's been a head coach for thirteen years now, and he knows that he is going to be quoted on what he says to reporters, national or local, on the record.

So when Schiano says to a national reporter, on the record that Mike Glennon can win the starting job, then he knows (or at least should know) what happens next. He isn't obligated to answer anything or even make that comment, but he did. Either he was sending a message with his comment about competition everywhere, and hence creating a quarterback controversy at least in the public eye, or he was woefully naive about the role his own words play in the media.

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