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Nate Kaeding retires, leaving Buccaneers without their backup kicker

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Placekicker Nate Kaeding has decided to retire, according to the Iowa City Press-Citizen (h/t ProFootballTalk). Kaeding was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this offseason to act as competition and insurance for Connor Barth, whose full 2013 salary is guaranteed. Kaeding ended a nine-year career primarily with the Chargers, and has a history as an extremely accurate kicker.

Kaeding reportedly retired because of a groin injury. The Bucs did give Kaeding a $65,000 signing bonus, but it's not clear whether the Buccaneers can (or will) attempt to recoup that extremely minor investment.

The Bucs will probably try to find some useless competition for Connor Barth elsewhere now, but they won't have many options outside undrafted free agents. Not that it matters because, again, Barth is going nowhere. The backup will only become relevant if Barth suffers an injury.

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