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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Players Twitter List

A list of Buccaneers players on Twitter.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a neat little resource for everyone, I think. I spent the past hour or so adding every Tampa Bay Buccaneer I could find on Twitter to a list of players. You can follow it here, but I've also embedded the feed below for your convenience.

59 of the Bucs' 90 players are on Twitter, with Pep Levingston being the only one who has protected his tweets and is hence not included in the list. Some players are extremely active, while others are a little calmer. They don't really see many interesting things, but it's still enjoyable to track.

I thought this would be a handy resource for whoever wanted to track all the Bucs' players in one place. I'll keep it updated as the Buccaneers sign and release players. Let me know if I missed someone!

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