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2013 NFL Draft war room stories, Ronde Barber retires: Daily Bucs Links


Ronde Barber retires: A career retrospective -
Good stuff.

The Panic Room - 05.06.13 - SI Vault
Peter King was in the Rams' draft room.

Chuck Klosterman on draft day in Cleveland - Grantland
They bring in Klosterman to do a story on them, and then shut him out of everything. Still a good read, though.

Ronde Barber will eventually make the Hall of Fame -
I hope so.

Cleveland Browns talked draft blockbuster -
A marquee franchise wanted to mortgage its future.

Ronde Retires...Why He's a Hall of Famer
Because he is.

Bucs great Ronde Barber on retirement: ‘It was time’ |
Sad face.

Tough guy Barber retires after 16 seasons: 'I had fun.' | Tampa Bay Times
Tough is right.

Ronde Barber's iron will gave him a golden rep - Yahoo! Sports
Everyone loves Ronde.

Sen. John McCain aims to eliminate NFL blackouts -
That would be useful.

Saying Goodbye To Barber Not Easy | Pewter Report
Sad face.

Barber Bids Farewell; Eager To Start New Chapter | Pewter Report
Moer sadness. » Blog Archive » Barber Talks Respect, Anthony Parker And More - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Good interview.

Stop saying Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo were cut for LGBT advocacy - Outsports
They were cut for play/money reasons. » Blog Archive » The Secret Pact - Tampa Bay Bucs Football
Everyone make the Pro Bowl.

I am Royce White: Living and working with anxiety disorder -
Good stuff in long form, here.

Ronde Barber: Remember Me as a Tough Guy |

[Video] DB Ronde Barber Retirement Press Conference |
Sad Ronde.

[Video] One On One with Ronde Barber |