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Buccaneers restructure Eric Wright's contract to one-year deal

Jeff Zelevansky

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Eric Wright have agreed to a new, one-year deal the team has announced. Eric Wright was scheduled to make $7.75 million this year, but his salary was no longer guaranteed after a four-game PED suspension last season. Wright was signed to a five-year, $38 million deal last offseason but that contract is now voided. It's not clear what the terms of Wright's new one-year deal are. UPDATE: Wright's new contract is worth $1.5 million, with a "good chance" to earn $3 million according to Ian Rapoport.

It's safe to assume that Wright's new deal won't come with a salary close to his $7.75 million deal, but it is likely to have a decent amount of guaranteed money, which would essentially keep Wright on the roster no matter what. That's a good thing: despite Wright's nagging muscle and tendon injuries and his four-game PED suspension, he's a solid cornerback and easily the best cover man on the Buccaneers' roster. While Wright's new contract could be the prelude to a trade, this is unlikely as the Bucs would not announce the restructure as retaining Wright if they planned to trade him.

With Wright signed to a cheaper deal, the Bucs can also rest a little more easily that they won't be hamstrung if they fail to land Darrelle Revis in a trade they've been trying to broker since at least the start of free agency. Although the Bucs certainly need more cornerbacks, they should be able to piece together a decent group of cornerbacks out of some free agent veterans and rookie draft picks. The most likely option remains that Darrelle Revis joins the team in a trade a week before the draft, however.

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