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Revis Rumors: Buccaneers set deadline at week before the draft


The rumors just won't stop. Now the Tampa Bay Times joins the fray, making two interesting contentions. First, the Bucs don't want to deal their 2013 first-round pick, but that's the minimum the Jets will accept -- and they probably want more than that. That's fair enough, I guess -- the 2013 first-round pick and a few other picks wouldn't be too high a price for the best cornerback in the NFL, even if he's coming off major knee surgery and only has a year left on his contract.

Of course, this report directly contradicts Pro Football Talk's report which noted that the Jets want "a lot more" than a 2013 first-round pick, and that the Bucs actually wouldn't have a problem giving up a first-round pick. Oh conflicting reports, how I have never ever missed you. Someone is throwing up smokescreens. I just don't know who and via which outlet. Such good fun.

One more interesting and realistic note in that Tampa Bay Times story regarding Revis, though: the Bucs have supposedly set themselves a soft deadline at a week before the draft. That way they can have multiple doctors check out Revis' knee before officially consummating a trade. This makes sense, and with the draft starting on April 25, the Bucs would likely consummate a trade by Friday April 19 at the latest.

Of course, that doesn't mean a trade is out of the question after the draft. The Jets wouldn't want that, though, because that would mean not receiving a 2013 pick as well as a likely diminished price as the Bucs would then fill their big needs at cornerback through the draft.

Right. Now can people please stop writing reports on Revis? I've had to write three Darrelle Revis rumor stories in under an hour. I am now going to go weep quietly in a corner while banging my head against the ball to the sweet, soothing sounds of Gojira. And then I'm going to finally watch Game of Thrones.

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