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Darrelle Revis Rumors: Is Woody Johnson holding up the trade?


We are now a full-time Darrelle Revis trade rumor mill, I guess. Can we just skip to the point where the two courting teams stop fluttering around each other like shy, lovestruck teenagers and get it over with already? The Jets want to trade Revis, the Bucs want Revis, the terms are pretty good -- stop kidding yourselves and get it done.

But, until it isn't done, we get to talk about lots and lots of rumors. Like this one, courtesy of Max Luckan of 98.7 The Fan.

Oh yeah, that's some good rumoring. Is it now Woody Johnson's fault a trade hasn't been consummated? The terms offered by the Buccaneers have been pretty generous, supposedly. According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Bucs offered a first-, third- and sixth-round pick, while Peter King suggested the offer was for a 2014 first-round pick and an unspecified second-round pick. Either collection of draft picks would seem to be more than generous for an elite player with just one year left on his contract, no long-term prospects in New York and still rehabbing a torn ACL.

What makes this even weirder is that earlier reports suggested Johnson was actually the driving force behind this trade, because he didn't want to give Revis a long-term contract, ever. Which, again, makes all this stuff even more complicated.

Ahhhh, NFL rumors. Nothing like the smell of smoke in the morning.

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