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Greg Schiano doesn't love Josh Freeman

Streeter Lecka

Pewter Report's Fab 5 is out again, and they have some good old gossip in there. This time, the gossip is that Greg Schiano doesn't love quarterback Josh Freeman. He still likes him. Just doesn't love him. Whatever that means.

A Bucs source told that while Freeman is loved by Dominik, he is only liked by head coach Greg Schiano. In his first year with Freeman as the team's head coach, Schiano went 7-9 and that's not good enough.


While has not heard anything regarding Freeman not liking Schiano, the source told that Schiano likes serious, no-nonsense football players and that Freeman can come off being too aloof and not serious enough for the head coach's liking. Multiple sources tell that Freeman worked harder than he's ever worked in the film room and in the weight room in 2012 and it showed.

So, Schiano likes serious, no-nonsense football players and Freeman is a little too...aloof and not serious enough, despite working harder than he's ever worked before? Okay then.

Here's a fact: if the Buccaneers win enough games with Josh Freeman playing well, Schiano will start to love Josh Freeman. And if Freeman can't fix his accuracy issues, then the Buccaneers are going to be in trouble and they'll be forced to move on. Freeman has all the talent in the world, and has shown it plenty of times, he just needs to become more consistent.

And that's what this will all boil down to: whether Freeman can play at a high enough level. Schiano loving or liking or hating him doesn't play into it -- as long as Freeman plays well, Schiano will keep him around. Finding quarterbacks is hard enough as it is without unnecessarily alienating your own.

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