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Tampa Bay Buccaneers release D.J. Ware and Dan Orlovsky


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have created some roster space for no apparent reason, releasing running back D.J. Ware and quarterback Dan Orlovsky, according to Brian McIntyre (as well as the league's transactoin wire). Releasing the two frees up $2.35 million in salary cap space -- cap space the Buccaneers didn't really need in the first place, but okay then.

The release of D.J. Ware is a bit of a surprise, given the fact that he was the team's second running back last season and a pretty decent third-down back. The Bucs recently signed Brian Leonard to a veteran minimum contract, though, and he will likely compete with Michael Smith for the job of third-down back, making Ware a little superfluous (not to mention expensive). The Bucs could always re-sign Ware if they need more veteran presence on the roster.

Orlovsky's release is a little more curious. The Bucs haven't signed a quarterback, and now only have Josh Freeman and former Minnesota quarterback Adam Weber under contract. Meanwhile, the Bucs have been preaching more competition at every position including quarterback. They must have someone in line they want to sign, but it's not at all clear who they will be.

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