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2013 NFL Draft Grades: Rounding up the grades for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How did other outlets think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did? We have their reactions to the Bucs' draft class right here.


We took a quick look at Mel Kiper's draft grade for the Buccaneers earlier today, but we have a whole lot of other outlets grading the draft. We'll take a quick quote from each review, but you'll want to click through for the writer's complete thoughts.

Some interesting trends: people love the Banks selection and hate the Means selection, oddly enough. Glennon is another unpopular pick, though the reasoning is a little obscure at times. Outlets that took Revis into account gave the Bucs a better grade, too.

Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke

The Buccaneers sacrificed their Round 1 pick for CB Darrelle Revis, so the rest of this was icing on the cake. CB Johnthan Banks further upgraded a terrible pass-defense unit; DT Akeem Spence will add some punch inside. The real doozy: QB Mike Glennon in Round 3. Glennon is a long, long way from being an NFL starter, so what's the game plan here? The trade for Revis gets an "A". The draft was only so-so. Grade: C

Everyone hates the Glennon selection. Interesting. The rest of the draft generally gets good reviews, with maybe the exception of round five's Steven Means.

Rotoworld's Evan Silva

Overview: Not forgotten in the Bucs' grade is the acquisition of Darrelle Revis for the 13th pick, plus a 2014 third-rounder. He is a Hall of Fame talent capable of masking multiple defensive weaknesses and every bit worth the cost. GM Mark Dominik otherwise came away with a slightly questionable draft, noticeably failing to add a pass-catching tight end. Banks is a cornerback/safety 'tweener who was beaten deep too frequently as a senior. Three-technique prospect Spence has ability, but was not a finisher in the Big Ten and is ultimately an underachiever. Same goes for Gholston, who is Vernon's cousin. Means is probably a special teamer at best. James is a plodder on tape, and I wouldn't expect him to make the 53. Glennon is a schematic fit in Tampa's vertical offense. His selection puts Josh Freeman on notice.

Why does everyone hate Means? That I really don't understand. He has a ton of upside. Also Spence is not a three-technique prospect.

Tampa Bay Times' Ira Kaufman

BUCS: Tampa Bay stayed patient and filled some needs, moving up to draft Roy Miller's replacement in DT Akeem Spence. CB Johnthan Banks will have every chance to compete for a starting job while QB Mike Glennon is worth a look. Hulking DE William Gholston is raw, but his athleticism is intriguing. GRADE: B-minus

Ira reviewed the entire draft and liked what the Bucs did, even without factoring in Revis. Projecting Spence as an immediate starter may be a bit optimistic, though.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco

Best pick: Fourth-round defensive tackle Akeem Spence can step in and start next to Gerald McCoy. They stole him in the fourth round.

Questionable move: Trading their first-round pick to the Jets to get Darrelle Revis, who is coming off an ACL.

Third-day gem: Fourth-round defensive end William Gholston has a lot of ability, but didn't always play to it. Can they get him to do that?

Analysis: If you count Revis, they had a nice draft. They also took corner Johnthan Banks in the second round for more corner help. Third-round pick Mike Glennon could be an indictment of Josh Freeman.

Grade: B+ (counts Revis)

The only questionable move is trading for Revis, but it's a good draft if you count Revis? How exactly does that work? Ah well, Pete Prisco doesn't hate the Bucs. We're doomed.

Pro Football Talk

Where they missed: The Bucs must have a crystal ball or a faith-healer on staff, because their pass-rush is in the hands of two guys with bad medical files - Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers. They were willing to let Michael Bennett walk even though he turned out to be cheap, and it's hard to see where the depth is. They also have a lot of faith in Tom Crabtree emerging as a receiving threat at tight end.

No grade from PFT, just discussion of the future. They nailed that bit on needs, though I don't entirely agree on the defensive line: they added a lot of depth in the middle rounds.

CBS Sports' Jason Chilton

Buccaneers select: Akeem Spence, DT, Illinois
A strong, physical DT who can hold the point of attack, but lacks explosion and has trouble getting off blocks when engaged. Solid depth for Tampa to help cope with the loss of Roy Miller. Grade: B

Buccaneers select: William Gholston, DE, Michigan State
Gholston's brother famously looked like Tarzan and played like Jane for the Jets. The hope is that William can at least play like Boy, or maybe Cheetah the chimp. He's got the size and physicality to step in for the departed Michael Bennett as a strongside end and interior rusher. Grade:B

Just individual grades for picks here, but overall he likes the Bucs' draft. The two exceptions: Mike James and Steven Means. He offered no specific criticism of James, whose selection he gave a C, but he saw Means as undrafted free agent. I don't get that, though. Means is raw and played against poor competition, but he showed some very special physical traits at Buffalo. It's a selection based on future potential -- but he has a lot of it.

Walter Football

The Buccaneers did indeed trade for Darrelle Revis, but they didn't nearly give up as many selections as anticipated. Thus, I feel like they did a good job of bolstering their cornerbacks when taking that deal and the Johnthan Banks selection into account.

Tampa Bay made some other solid choices, but the one pick that really sticks out was Mike Glennon in the third round. I think general manager Mark Dominik sent a terrible message to his players by selecting the N.C. State signal-caller. The team seemed to quit last year when Dominik dealt Aqib Talib, as there was apparent frustration because it seemed like the front office didn't think it could win now. Dominik is once again doing the same thing. Instead of helping this group win by giving Josh Freeman a tight end or slot receiver to work with, Dominik spent a valuable pick on the future. It's like he can't make up his mind.

It's called a contingency plan, Walter. You can't just draft for RIGHT NOW all the time. You need to look forward. I'm not a huge fan of the Glennon pick, but that has more to do with value than this idiotic reasoning about sending message to the locker room. Also, the Bucs quit because they traded Talib? Really? Silly.

Also, he thinks Means wasn't a draftable prospect. Lolzerballs.

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