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NFL Top 100: Gerald McCoy and Dashon Goldson both make the list

The top 100 features two Buccaneers, and four more are likely to make an appearance during this year's show.


The NFL's annual top 100 show got off to a good start for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday, with two Buccaneers revealed to be part of the top 100. At number 96, new Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson entered the ranks of the elite, while Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy added to his accolades by jumping at number 92. High praise was given the two players, so I suggest you find a way to watch the episode, which should air a few more times on NFL Network.

The list is voted on solely by current NFL players, and they're asked to rank their top 20 players for the 2013 season. That's then compiled into a top 100. Some players apparently think

Goldson's feature talked about his big hitting ability, which is certainly a reason the Buccaneers signed him, but Donte Whitner summed up Goldson in one sentence: "He's one of the best at his position because he can do everything." That's high praise. "He has great wingspan and range, and he makes it look easy", noted Titans safety Jordan Babineaux.

We got similar praise of Gerald McCoy in his feature. Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins called him "a beast" and destructive. "I've seen him basically just manhandle a guard, bull him back, throw him down and make the tackle for loss."

Meanwhile, Eagles guard Evan Mathis narrated a series of highlights against Philadelphia, one of McCoy's best games. "Something that's real hard to do when you're blocking McCoy is reaching him when he's a three-technique and you have a zone play coming his way," noted Mathis. "Those are things that don't always result in tackles but it results in someone else getting it done, and he's one of the key parts of the number one rush defense in the NFL."

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two players among the NFL's elite, at least according to this list. But they have a few more who will almost certainly appear on the list: Vincent Jackson, Doug Martin and Carl Nicks are among the very best at their positions on offense, while Darrelle Revis is the single best cornerback in the NFL. A few other players have an outside shot of getting on the list, too, as Ronde Barber and Lavonte David could make an appearance after outstanding 2012 seasons. I wouldn't consider their selections likely, though.

With six players almost certain to be on the list, the Bucs have a star-studded roster, certainly more so than in the past. In the previous two editions of this list, the Bucs had two selections each: Josh Freeman and Mike Williams in 2011 and Carl Nicks and Donald Penn in 2012. Donald Penn won't be back, the show revealed, but with six likely selections the Buccaneers have nothing to complain about -- that's twice the average number of selections for NFL teams.

Of course, being on a list won't win you games. The Bucs have the talent, now they need to go out and perform up to the level of that talent.

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