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2013 NFL Draft Results: Buccaneers select OLB/DE Steven Means

The Buccaneers have made their fifth-round pick.


With the 14th pick in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected outside linebacker Steven Means out of the University of Buffalo. At 6'4", 257 lbs. he's more likely to be a defensive lineman than a linebacker for the Buccaneers, as he was an edge rusher for the Buffalo Bulls. Means is so obscure that it's hard to find any information about him online.

If can be trusted, Means is an ahtletically talented player, running the 40-yard dash somewhere in the 4.6 range at 6'3", 257 lbs. The question is whether he can play, as his production at Buffalo wasn't dominant, with 18.5 sacks in 43 games as well as five career blocked kicks according to the Buffalo News.

The Buccaneers have addressed needs at cornerback (Johnthan Banks, second round), defensive line (DT Akeem Spence and DE William Gholston, fourth round) and backup quarterback (Mike Glennon, third round) with their previous draft picks. The Buccaneers still have one remaining need to fill at tight end, but it appears that Tampa Bay does not view tight end as a big need themselves.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one selection remaining, the 28th pick in the sixth round, 196th overall after using their other sixth rounder to trade up in the fourth round for defensive tackle Akeem Spence.

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