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2013 NFL Draft Results: Buccaneers pick William Gholston

The Buccaneers' second fourth-round pick.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have used their second fourth-round selection on defensive end William Gholston out of Michigan State. Gholston should help the Bucs' depth along the defensive line and could help the Bucs' pass rush which has been lacking in recent years. Gholston is a physically very gifted player but has not had the production to match his physical gifts, like his cousin Vernon Gholston.

The Bucs originally received this pick, the 126th overall pick from the New England Patriots in exchange for cornerback Aqib Talib last season.

The Buccaneers had needs at cornerback and tight end going into the draft, while needing some depth along the defensive line, at offensive tackle and possibly at backup quarterback. The Bucs used their first two picks to fill the needs at cornerback and quarterback, picking Johnthan Banks and Mike Glennon, while their fourth-round selection was DT Akeem Spence who should be a run-stopping nose tackle.

The Bucs have two more picks in the 2013 NFL draft: the 14th pick in the fifth round, and the 28th pick in the sixth round.

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