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NFL Draft 2013: Buccaneers trade up for Akeem Spence


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded up to the third pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, moving up 12 spots to get the Oakland Raiders' draft pick. The Buccaneers took defensive tackle Akeem Spence out of Illinois with this pick. Spence is a stocky defensive tackle at 6'1", 305 lbs with 16.5 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks on his career. He has the physical traits the Buccaneers look for in their nose tackles, and will likely compete with Derek Landri and Gary Gibson for playing time at the position.

The Bucs gave up their sixth-round pick, 181st overall, to move up 12 spots from the 112th pick to get Spence, so they must have really liked him. The Buccaneers lack depth across the defensive line, and Spence may help fill that depth.

The Bucs now have three picks remaining in this draft: one at the end of the fourth round, one in the fifth round and one at the end of the sixth round. The Bucs are also trying to trade Legarrette Blount, so they may pick up a few more picks before the day is over.

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