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NFL Draft Grades 2013: grade the Buccaneers' day two efforts

What did you think of the Buccaneers day two effort?


People appear to be split on the selections of NC State quarterback Mike Glennon and Mississippi State cornerback Johnthan Banks. They love the latter selection and generally question or even hate the former selection. But what does that mean for the second day as a whole? Do the Buccaneers come away with a favorable grade for addressing a big need with a quality player, or do you fail them for selecting a quarterback in the third round?

Ultimately, I think the Buccaneers didn't come out of this draft class with the best players they could have gotten. Banks is a solid player, but Jamar Taylor may have been a better cornerback at that point. Banks has some limitations that may trouble him in the pros. Meanwhile, the Mike Glennon selection is troubling both because the player has some major question marks and because it's not at all clear that he represented the best value at that point in the draft.

Grade: D

So, what did you think of the team's second day in the 2013 NFL draft?

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