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NFL Draft grades 2013: Grade the Buccaneers' selection of Johnthan Banks

What do you think of the Bucs' selection of Johnthan Banks?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made their first selection in the 2013 NFL draft, and it's cornerback Johnthan Banks with the 43rd overall pick. Now we get to grade that pick! Go look at some of Johnthan Banks' game tape, read a few of his scouting reports and then come back here to give us your grade on the guy.

I'll give you my quick thoughts, too. Johnthan Banks looks like a good press cornerback, but he's limited in what else he can do. He doesn't have very fluid hips, which limits him against quicker guys, and his speed can be an issue as well. On the other hand, he has very long arms and his frame allows him to make up for a lot of those deficiencies. He's a physical defender who will come up and hit people -- but he needs some technique work as a tackler. The fact that he can struggle changing directions means he's likely limited to playing on the outside.

The main question I have is one of value. Banks is a good player, but Jamar Taylor out of Boise State may be a better overall cornerback. In addition, the board was filled with quality players at that point and the Bucs could have traded down while losing perhaps Banks, but not much in terms of overall quality.

Which is why I give the Buccaneers just a C on this selection. It's a solid pick, but I have questions about Banks' abilities.

What do you give the Buccaneers? Let us know in the comments and the poll!

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