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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Zach Ertz in the second round for the Buccaneers?

A tight end would help the Tampa Bay offense.

Joe Robbins

The second round of the draft starts in two hours, and we have plenty of coverage for today's event. The Buccaneers have two picks: one in the second round and one in the third round, and they'll likely make both of them today. So who could they pick?

Tight end Zach Ertz out of Stanford is a real possibility. Dan Kadar has him falling to the Buccaneers in his latest mock draft. Ertz is the consensus second-best tight end in the draft behind Tyler Eifert, who was a first-round selection for the Cincinnati Bengals. Ertz would fit the Buccaneers for one big reason: he's a decent blocker who still can be a real threat in the passing game.

He's a good route runner and he has the ability to sneakily create some separation at the top of a route. He does have small arms which limits him a little: he'll never excel catching contested passes, but he can still add a new dimension to the Bucs' passing game. I've heard him being compared to Jason Witten, and that comparison. Like Witten, he's a decent blocker who can create separation through route running and is a good runner after the catch, but he doesn't necessarily have any dominant physical traits. Obviously Witten has developed into an extremely good player and that may not happen for Ertz, but he's the same style of player.

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