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Darrelle Revis injury: Revis will be ready for the season opener "100%", as will Adrian Clayborn

Darrelle Revis is rehabilitating from a knee injury and his availability will be questioned throughout the offseason.


The biggest risk factor for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in trading for Darrelle Revis may have been his injury. No one knows how far along he is in his rehab, although all indications are that he is ahead of schedule. Still, knee injuries are not trivial and no one knows whether Revis will be completely ready when the season begins, although he should be good to go. Mark Dominik is plenty confident, though.

Appearing on Pro Football Talk, Dominik discussed the Revis trade and his chances of playing in week one agains the New York Jets. The answer: "One hundred precent he'll be out there."

"Everything's on the right track in fact. I'm confident he will walk out the first day of training camp with pads on and go do work, so we'll be smart with him. Much like Adrian Clayborn had an ACL about the same week that Darrelle did, and we're encourage by where he's at and expect him to be ready Week One as well."

There's some good news for the Bucs' pass defense: their top cornerback and second-best defensive end will be recovered from ACL injuries when the season starts. That's exactly what everyone expected, but it's good to have the Bucs' general manager confirm it.

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