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Darrelle Revis press conference: Revis discussing number with Mark Barron

The relevant notes from the cornerback's press conference.


Darrelle Revis held his introductory press conference today, and as is almost always the case with press conference it failed to illuminate anything. Revis thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a good team, he was just there to win games, he wouldn't comment on his injury and he wouldn't say anything about about the New York Jets despite some attempts to bait him. Mark Dominik gave us a few notes on the negotiations, but there was nothing there we didn't already know.

Revis didn't really give the media any answers until the question of his jersey number came up. After all, he wore no. 24 with the Jets, which is currently Mark Barron's number with the Bucs. When asked about how he would resolve that, he gave a short answer: "we discussed it."

That's not a difficult statement to decipher. They're negotiating what it will take for Barron to give up the number. And he'll almost certainly end up with that number. Sorry to break it to everyone who bought a no. 24 Mark Barron jersey, but it's about to be outdated.

There was only one other line from the press conference I found newsworthy. Revis when asked how important it was for him to be a great player: "Am I not a great player?"

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