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March Madness 2013 NFL Touchdown Tournament: Vote for Doug Martin!


So, the boys over at the main NFL hub are holding a March Madness style touchdown tournament. And thanks to your awesome help, Doug Martin and his awesome spin move are now through to the Elite 4 after crushing Adrian Peterson's decent romp 73% to 27%. He will face his toughest challenge yet, this time: Jamaal Charles running really, really fast.

Yes, that really is all there is to his opponent. We can't let that beat the Muscle Hamster, right? The problem is, Charles has the help of Arrowhead Pride and that help has been enough for him to destroy his opposition so far. So Doug Martin needs all your help: so get over there and vote. Then find your friends and tell them to vote too. Yes, I just linked the same article three times so you guys can find it and go vote. Have a fourth link!

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