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Carson Palmer traded to Cardinals for peanuts and $10 million guaranteed

Thearon W. Henderson

The Arizona Cardinals have finally traded for Carson Palmer, after a day of vacillating. They have announced that they gave up a sixth-round pick this year and a conditional seventh-round pick next year. In return, they also received a seventh-rounder this season. So, that's basically what the Bucs managed to get for Arrelious Benn from the Eagles. Here's the kicker, though: the Cardinals gave Palmer a two-year, $16 million deal with $10 million in guarantees, per Jason La Canfora.

Rather obviously, the Bucs were never going to match that -- if they were even interested. All we know is that Palmer was reportedly interested in playing for the Bucs. As a backup. Over joining the Cardinals. Nice compliment there, Arizona!

And with that, we can move on to the next subject. And conclude that if the Buccaneers really want to add competition at quarterback, as they're doing at every position, they're going to use a draft pick on a QB at some point in this draft. It makes some sense, really: there are a lot of quarterbacks in this draft who have some solid attributes, but some flaws as well. If a few of them fall into the mid rounds, the Bucs may pick one in the hopes of grooming him, as a very poor insurance policy in case Josh Freeman fails and simply to replace Dan Orlovsky as a backup.