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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Buccaneers willing to give up first-, third- and fifth-round picks


The Darrelle Revis trade rumors continue as a couple of deadlines for a potential trade get closer and closer. The Buccaneers would like to have Revis pass medical examinations before finalizing a trade, which would likely put the deadline late this week or early next week. Another much harder deadline is the draft itself: the Jets desperately want 2013 draft picks, and they can't have those if the Bucs have made them.

The question now is compensation -- and Peter King has some new information on that front.

At 13, Tampa Bay is growing impatient with the Jets on this Darrelle Revis trade. What I'm hearing is the current discussion is first-, third- and fifth-round picks for Revis, though I don't know which picks are this year and which next. If the Bucs stay put, they love Tavon Austin ...

More news of the Buccaneers loving Tavon Austin. It's an intriguing thought, but one that seems a little unlikely given the secretive nature of the current Tampa Bay regime and their bringing in a slew of receiver to let the cream rise to the top through competition. You can go here to read some more of my thoughts on Austin and the Bucs.

The compensation listed above for Darrelle Revis isn't new, entirely. A 2014 first-round pick and an undetermined second-round pick have been mentioned as possible compensation before, so the combination of first-, third- and fifth-round picks would then probably come in 2013 -- which would make the chatter about Tavon Austin a moot point, of course.

Would Revis be worth this kind of compensation? On the one hand, you won't find any player of Revis' quality with any of those picks (unless you're very, very lucky). In that sense, that compensation is probably fair. Revis' injury complicates matters a little, but not nearly as much as the new contract he'll be getting. Part of the value of draft picks is that they represent cheap labors to balance out the expensive veterans on the Bucs' roster, and trading for Revis would not only add another expensive veteran, it would also deprive the Bucs of some of their cheap labor.

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