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Eric Wright says he won't be traded

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

When Eric Wright's contract was restructured, there was some speculation that it might be a prelude to a trade. While his new contract made him a lot more palatable for the Bucs, it would also make him more attractive for other teams. But Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik told Wright that he would not be traded, Wright notes on his own website.

While we were restructuring, I got a chance to talk to Coach Schiano and Mark Dominik, and I frankly asked if a restructure would mean me possibly getting traded. They told me that would not happen. They told me that they wanted me. Telling me they want me to be there and they're not thinking about trading me, that meant a lot to me.

Obviously the Buccaneers could be lying to Eric Wright, but this seems unlikely. For one, Schiano and Dominik would not want to harm their own credibility in that manner after harping on character and "Buccaneer men" for over a year. Moreover, though, Wright is a starting caliber cornerback, and the Bucs don't have too many of those.

That whole blog post is interesting, really. Wright and his agent are sharp communicators and the post hits all the right notes. Wright wanted to be back in Tampa, he wanted to be a Buccaneer, he doesn't blame the Bucs for his contract situation, he takes the blame for the situation he put himself in -- and he even addressed the concerns over his nagging injuries, and promises to do everything he can to avoid him.

Even with nagging injuries, Wright wasn't a bad player last season, but he has played better football in the past. If he can remain completely healthy, he has the physical skill set to be a good starting cornerback. He just needs to go out and do it.

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