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Mark Sanchez trade rumors: Revis trade has included talks of Sanchez


I see it's Pro Football Talk's weekly "go insane" time again. They've been pushing the idea that Tim Tebow would be part of a potential Darrelle Revis trade (which is unlikely), but now they say that Mark Sanchez could part of the trade talks. They're reporting that it was part of the talks at one point. I can only assume that "being part of the talks" means John Idzik going "please take him" and Mark Dominik proceeding to burst out laughing.

I can tell you right now that the Buccaneers will not trade for Mark Sanchez. That is just not going to happen. I know this not because I have inside sources. Not because I know Mark Dominik. But because I have common sense and can look up facts.

Here's one of those facts: Mark Sanchez will earn $8.25 million this season, all of which is fully guaranteed. Would the Buccaneers be willing to spend that much money on a backup quarterback who was one of the worst quarterbacks in the league last year, and has really never been very good? Hell no. Don't be ridiculous.

If the Bucs wanted to spend that kind of money on a quarterback, they would have traded for Carson Palmer.

Oh, but the Bucs have the cap space right now? Actually, no they don't. Trading for Darrelle Revis would take up somewhere between $14 and $16 million in cap space immediately. Add to that the need to account for rookies, the willingness to re-sign Mike Williams and the fact that any unspent space carries over to next season, and the Bucs really couldn't even afford to trade for Sanchez and Revis even if they wanted to.

Not that they should want to. Which part of Mark Sanchez makes anyone want to trade for him anyway?

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