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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Xavier Rhodes because who else?


Monday Mock Draft time. No April Fools this time: it's Xavier Rhodes once again. These mock drafts are starting to get a little one-sided, but for good reason: it's another move that just make too much sense. At least as long as Revis isn't a Buccaneer, right? That's Dan Kadar's view, too.

Whether it's a player like Rhodes or Desmond Trufant, cornerback has to be the top first-round priority for the Buccaneers. Chances are this pick could get flipped for Darrelle Revis. If it is and the Jets are picking here, cornerback may be the 13th pick in the draft regardless.

The one thing that could blow this whole theory to smithereens? The Miami Dolphins, who are in need of a cornerback and have the 12th overall pick in this year's draft. If they pick Rhodes, the Bucs may have to scramble for an alternative. That's when players like Tyler Eifert, Tavon Austin and even Lane Johnson may enter the picture. But only if the top cornerbacks are off the board.

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