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2013 NFL Free agency rumors: Chiefs lose interest in Sean Smith

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

According to Pro Football Talk, the Kansas City Chiefs are out of the running for Sean Smith after signing Dunta Robinson, who they say got "starter money". That's a bit of a weird decision. Dunta Robinson has been subpar in coverage for several years now, and at 31 is not exactly going to get better on a new team. His best attribute is his physicality and his tackling ability, but to me, he didn't look like much more than a veteran who could compete for a starting job. Not someone you would give a starting job at 31.

Sean Smith, meanwhile, is supposed to be the best cornerback on the market. Despite some inconsistent play, Smith is a very talented player with great physical attributes and supposedly a good work ethic. Still, he gives up a few too many plays to be called a top-notch corner, and there's a reason the Dolphins are letting him walk. The Bucs are interested in Smith, though, and having one less competitor for the cornerback's services surely won't hurt.

Of course, as always, this is just a report based on a "league source" and these rumors turn out to be false with some regularity. We'll see.