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NFL free agency 2013: Dunta Robinson signs with Kansas City Chiefs


The first defensive back has come off the market: Dunta Robinson has signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, as first reported by Adam Schefter. The Chiefs are expected to be big competitors for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the pursuit of free agent cornerbacks. It's not clear whether the Chiefs view Robinson, whose best attributes are his physicality and tackling ability, as a safety or as a cornerback. The former Falcon would have been an interesting candidate for the Buccaneers as a backup or some competition, but his days as a quality appear to be numbered.

With Robinson off the market, the free agency period has started -- more or less. Teams can speak with other team's free agents starting today, through Tuesday, but they can't agree on terms. Officially. Which won't stop them. But released players as well as a team's own free agents can be signed before Tuesday.

We'll see a slew of rumors and talks of...well, talks over the next couple of days. And then we'll likely see a ridiculous amount of deals signed in a very short period once the free agency period does start.