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Buccaneers free agency rumors: John Abraham on the shortlist?

Scott Cunningham

According to Pro Football Talk the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be interested in defensive end and pass rusher extraordinaire John Abraham. It appears that despite my fiercest protestations, the Buccaneers do not think their pass rush will be fine next year. In addition, this could mean that they're willing to let Michael Bennett walk. Another thing I have protested against for quite some time. I'm saddened that the Tampa Bay front office does not appear to be listening to me. I'm important! I run, like, a blog!

So if the Buccaneers do sign Abraham, what would be his role? At his age, he likely won't be anything more than a pass-rush specialist. Abraham surprisingly played a whopping 71% of all defensive snaps for the Falcons last season, but is probably better served coming in on passing downs only. Which is what will probably happen if he happens to sign with the Buccaneers, as Da'Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn are the likely starters. But with 32.5 sacks over the past three seasons, it does look like he still knows how to get after the quarterback -- even if he'd only get to do that for a single season.

The Bucs will have competition from a bunch of very good teams. The Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints are all mentioned as suitors by Pro Football Talk. Of those, San Francisco and New Orleans are odd fits, since they both run a 3-4 defense. Abraham's best fit is probably the Seahawks, where he would play for a contender in a scheme almost perfectly fit to him.

You know, if this report turns out to be true.