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Panthers release Chris Gamble, secondary market gets better and better


As we approach the "legal tampering" period, which starts tonight, we're seeing more and more players released. And most of those releases help the Buccaneers, as teams appear to be getting rid of defensive backs at a record pace. The most intriguing player on the list may be Chris Gamble, who was released for cap reasons by the Panthers. Gamble has been playing at a high level for years, but he is 30 at this point. Still, the Panthers actually had a fairly good defense last year and Gamble hasn't had any injury problems for years on end. And hey, he has to be better than Danny Gorrer, right?

But Gamble wasn't the only defensive back released today. The Arizona Cardinals released strong safety Adrian Wilson, who probably won't be on the Bucs' mind what with him being, well, a strong safety. He's not taking Mark Barron's job. The same goes for Dawan Landry, released by the Jaguars. Also, Landry isn't that good. More of a possibility would be Aaron Ross, also released by the Jaguars. Hey, he's a cornerback, right? Cornerbacks are what the Buccaneers need. And they need a lot of them. I'm not counting anyone out at this point.